Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tony La Russa's Animals on Broadway

Here are a few pictures of our event on May 3,2009 Animals on Broadway Tony La Russa's Rescue. Nancys Dog Paws Boutique Custom Fleece Dog Coats Of All Kinds! Despite the rain we did have a grand time.


I have adopted a wonderful new Tori Shell.
Her name is Bebe. She was 6 weeks when I brought her home she is now going on 8 weeks.
What a bundle of love she has turn out. Little spit fire zooms around the house and just loves all of the dogs.. Not to sure yet of the cats. So were taking it a bit slow their. I like to share some pictures of her with you she is very special to me and reminds me a lot of my Leme Leme. She is also a talker which I just love.. I had made this spring summer dog coat for a upcoming fair that I did last week and she was my model. She was not a happy camper. I just love her to pieces.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leyla Snowshoe Siamese 9 weeks

Leyla is a Snowshoe Siamese.
Who came to me about 3 weeks ago. I was at the Vet office to pick up my precious Leme Leme whom had past away on August 11 2008. Leyla was found in Berkeley left on the streets in some bushes. A Lady came into the vets office at the same time I was picking up the remains of my baby, with this beautiful kitty of maybe 4-5 weeks of age.
I couldn't help to look over and ask to pick her up. When I held her I just knew that she was going to be OK. I told the young Lady that she will be a wonderful cat.. I was very emotional at the time waiting to pick up my lost love.. and looking at a new life that someone had just discarded and was left to die or fend for itself.. I gave the young lady my card and told her that I do personal rescue if she couldn't keep her to give me a call. A week later I receive a phone call that if I was still interested in her she would love for me to take her.
So I told my husband let's go pick her up. That Sunday we did just that she is so cute and adorable what a bundle of energy gee she just keeps on going.. I must say that she has help me through this hard time in my life with the passing away of my Leme Leme. I know that she will find her forever home soon. Someone to love her and for her to love she deserves that. She has been a blessing to me these past few weeks. Leyla is now named Coco and she has her forever home with us.

Leme Leme

I would like to tell you a story of a wonderful kitten that I was bless with about 14 years ago.It has taken until now to write about her. Her name was Leme Leme She was believe to have been born on or about May 10 1994 When I found her she was only 3 weeks old a litter of eight. She had 6 brothers and one sister. I found them dump in the bushes not far from were I was living at the time. I nurse all eight and found homes for all of them. Leme Leme a Tor ti- Shell I kept she won just stole my heart the moment I saw her. She was just so tiny and a talker to. She follow me everywhere for 14 years!!! she was my best friend we sat at the table and we ate together she had her plate and I had mine.. We grew so close she would always talk to me everyday and loved to be held and petted. I was bless to have her in my life for the past 14 years. I lost her on August 11 2008 I had to put her to sleep she had complications Kidneys & or Brain Tumor. She never complained.. I woke up that morning and she didn't come down for breakfast and I saw her resting in her favorite place in the closet. I spoke to her and she answer she seem tired so I let her be.. Later that evening my husband call me and ask me to come to see about her that something was just not right with my Leme Leme... she couldn't walk straight and her eyes shifted from side to side and when I spoke to her she couldn't hear me but when I touch her and held her in my arms she knew me!!she started purring.. We took her to the vet... I came home without her ... my heart is so empty inside my pain is so great I cant believe she is gone I wake every morning and miss her voice her presence I miss her!! when it is time for me to shower how she just love the heat lamps in the bathroom. I had her cremated and have her now in a cedar box beside my bed.. My loss is so unbelievable there is not a moment that goes by that I don't second guess myself for putting her to rest.. I keep thinking that I could have done more. I know in my heart that I did do the right thing and keeping her alive would have only been for me and not in the best interest for her. I can say she had a full wonderful life filled with a lot of love and happiness we played a lot even in her 14Th year she still had loads of engery She will forever be my best friend and my Love..
I love you LEME LEME,

Monday, May 26, 2008


Monday evening May 26,2008
Delilah went to her forever home on Saturday 24Th as scheduled. I received a phone call this morning saying that they just love the pieces out of her and how much they have fallen in love with her. She has been given a new name of Lucy.
I am so happy that this story has such a wonderful ending and a start to a fantastic beginning. I am missing the both of them very much. I am so very very please with this out come. Thank You Rosie.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


On April 13, 2008 I rescue two 3 week old kittens. White and Orange Tabby mix. One male one female. I nurse them with a bottle until they were 5 weeks old. They were eating solid food by week 6. They are going on 9 weeks. Samson has found his forever home yesterday. He was place with a wonderful lady in San Francisco. Ca. He will be kept as a indoor kitty/cat. I woke up this morning and I miss his little voice. I am so sad but happy at the same time he couldn't have found a more loving and wonderful home. Thank You Kristie!!! His sister missing him about as much as I.. Samson stole my heart what a real love bug.. Delilah will be leaving us next on May 24th 2008 to her forever home in Hayward, Ca to another wonderful family I will surely miss the both of them. They were so very tiny when I brought them home. I think this is the hard part about what it is that I do. What makes it all come together is knowing that they are place in wonderful homes to wonderful people who are responsible. Letting them go makes room to help many more that will pass through these doors. Missing you Samson Have a wonderful life